Yoganic Studio

Welcome to Yoganic!

We serve the community through yoga.
We strive to create a yoga environment that is friendly to everyone. We seek to stetch your body, mind and spirit.

Hatha Yoga Basics classes are suitable for beginners and focus on safe alignment and a strong foundation, so you can move safely into more advanced classes.

We have yoga classes for anyone with physical limitations, and for those who simply can’t afford regular classes due to medical conditions. Gentle Hatha, or Svaroopa classes are also great for folks with physical limitations.

We also teach Ashtanga Yoga, which we believe can help resolve emotional issues.

We believe that yoga, along with related modalities such as meditation and hypnosis, from qualified individuals, can help increase a person’s well-being, prevent problems and reduce physical difficulties,

We have community classes for that are available with a donation, scholarship, or sliding scale. We want yoga to be available to everyone! If you want to do yoga, we will make it work for you!

Yoganic Studio